Brothers, annual dues are payable at the beginning of each calendar year.  When you pay your dues on schedule, it makes the job of our financial secretary (who is a mighty nice guy) easier.  Please pay your dues here.

Make a Donation to the Council:

You may make a donation to the council at your convenience.  You may select from our specific causes or indicate your own, as well as selecting a specific donation amount or specifying your own amount.  Please follow this link to make a donation.


If you are ready to discuss your insurance and retirement needs, call Nathan Bromm or send him an email.

Do you have a cause that you believe our council should support?  Submit your request for support early to have it considered in next year's budget.  Fill out this form and email it to the webmaster.

Going to the movies?  Find out what the Catholic News Service thinks of the movie you are considering seeing.  They provide movie reviews and their own rating system based on the Catholic Church's values.  You can find them here.