The Summer Bocce League will return again in the Spring of 2024.  Plan to join us for a great time. The rules are simple, anyone can learn the game in an hour or less. No equipment is necessary.  Information will be posted here when we firm up dates.

Only Four players (10 and older) can play a game - we recommend you get at least 6 players on your team. (While only a maximum of four can play, having extras helps when team members cannot make the scheduled night) A team can play with a minimum of two players.

Cost is $20.00 per person, or a flat $80 per team. (Split the cost among members. Four person teams would pay $20 per person, while a team with eight members would pay only $10.00 per person).

Families (all ages) only pay a flat rate of $35.00.

Sign up now:

Send your name and the name of any team members your are registering

Pay by check payable to "Knights of Columbus Council 14895" c/o:

Dave Fink

7043 N Delaware

Indianapolis, IN 46220

or pay online now