Happy New Year to my brother knights!

As we see through all kinds of media, the consensus regarding 2020 seems to be, “Good riddance.”  While I understand this sentiment, I hope that we can all find things from 2020 for which we are thankful.  I’m thankful for my family, especially new additions, friends, good health, my Church, the opportunity to examine my Faith and the fact that I can watch football while I type this.  I’m thankful for the dedication of many of my brother knights to helping the council continue a spirit of service in an environment of social distancing.  We can all be thankful for the beatification of our founder, Fr. Michael J. McGivney, on October 31st this year. 

Now, with a new year, let’s look forward with optimism and hope.  We hope to be able to return to some of our usual activities during 2021.  We also hope to add some new ones, including a Father-Son event.  If you have any thoughts about things you would like to see your council doing, please contact me with your ideas.  If you know someone in need that the knights should be helping, let a council officer know.  Resolve to get more involved with your council in 2021.  We will soon be looking for candidates for leadership roles in our council, think and pray about becoming an officer. 

Please accept my wishes for a happy and prosperous 2021.