Give your Knight’s Membership Impact

It seems to me that one consistent thing about by experiences with anything that has involved the Catholic Church throughout my life is that the more I put into anything, the more I get back.  This is true of the Knights of Columbus and our Council here at St. Luke's.  With that in mind, I ask you to consider getting more involved with our council.  Primary among the positions we need to fill is the Program Director.

St. Luke Knights of Columbus Council’s Program Director is to oversee all the activities of the council.  In turn, most of these activities fall under the purview of four activity directors:

The Faith Director ensures that the activities including our servers’ appreciation outing, spiritual reflections, holy hours and prayer services are successful.

Our Family Director oversees programs including 40 Cans for Lent and the Consecration to the Holy Family.

The Community Director is responsible for coats for kids, the soccer challenge, the basketball free throw contest and Helping Hands/Thanksgiving sharing programs.

Our Life Director promotes activities including the Special Olympics, the ultrasound program, the women’s care center and the Novena for Life.

We need a brother knight to step up to fill the program director position with the understanding that his role will be to delegate responsibility to the Faith, Family, Community and Life Directors as well as others in charge of fundraising events.  In turn, we are also looking for brother knights to accept the positions of the Faith, Family, Community and Life Directors.  Finally, there are leadership opportunities to take charge of activities such as prayer services, fish fries, coats for kids, etc.

I think we can be proud of all our council does.  I believe our schedule is robust without being overly aggressive.  However, we cannot maintain our current schedule without additional brother knights accepting leadership roles.  I ask you to consider filling any of the positions discussed above.  If you would like more information regarding these positions, please contact me.