A Message from our Grand Knight

Brother Knights, as I write this message, I am reflecting on the horrific sins brought to light this past week as well as the renewed attacks on the Catholic Church, our clergy, and religious by the secular media and those who oppose our beliefs. It is clear to me that if ever there was a time to demonstrate my commitment to Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, and our fraternal organization Knights of Columbus…. it is now. But then the question becomes “How?”. For me, it begins with a renewed commitment to what it means to be a Knight.

I am a Knight…. who will put my Trust and Belief in Jesus above all else.
I am a Knight… who will stand in solidarity with our priests and religious.
I am a Knight… who will support bringing evil out of the shadows and into the light to be exposed.
I am a Knight… who will defend our youth from the predatory acts of the sinful.
I am a Knight… who will make our principles of Charity-Unity-Fraternity a guidepost of living as a Catholic gentleman.
I am a Knight… who will not be silent when others around me attack my faith, my priests, or any religious.
I am a Knight… who will make my Catholic Identity one of visible cooperation, understanding, patience, and above all… love for everyone.
I am a Knight… who will not be swayed by media soundbites or the tempting convenience of adapting my beliefs to fit the secular world.

I am a Knight of Columbus and proud of it! Our fraternal organization is uniquely positioned as the Defenders of the Faith. I will not let down our founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, or any of the Knights who have gone before me in times of persecution.

So gentlemen, live your Faith by trusting in Jesus. Pray for forgiveness of sins and guidance for all leaders of the Church and our government. Pray in unity for protecting the unborn and pray for religious freedom.

Vivat Jesus!
Jesus Lives!

Bob Calliotte, Grand Knight